Stock photography generally sucks.  Not because the photos are bad, there are some great sites out there, but overall it sucks because the best photos have been used on the Internet at least a million times.

One instance of this is Tech Support Girl.  This hottie couldn’t have realized at the time this photo was snapped that she would be modeling her savvy business skills on the Customer Support, Online Help, and Tech Support pages of every company who has a designer using iStock. Who is this elusive sweet tart?

Tech Support Girl

I wonder if she gets recognized on the street as Tech Support Girl.  I would definitely call her out, and follow up with a few questions like, “Did you know at the time your image would be whored out for $2 bucks a pop to every generic site on the Internet?”  and “What’s it like having an Internet presence akin to any Facebooker’s Wet Dream?”, “Can I hire you to sit next to me to make me look good in business meetings?”, and “Can I get your autograph?  Please sign it ‘To Adam with love, from Tech Support Girl”.

Anyone who’s worked for a tech company would agree that if you’re getting tech support, you want it to be from a hardcore, caffeine-enhanced computer geek, hoping and praying they have an ounce of social tact.  And likely sitting in some commercial basement cubicle playing Counter Strike when they’re not on the phone.

Tech Support Girl 2Tech Support Girl is likely far too photogenic to spend her time doing such things.  Doing some quick and crafty Searches I’ve hunted for Tech Support Girl, discovering her on a few of the many businesses she has come to represent as the hottest tech support rep ever: