Switch Your BigCommerce Store from Blueprint To Stencil

Still Using an Older BigCommerce theme? Switch your Store to Stencil and make the most of BigCommerce.

Make the Most of BigCommerce with the Stencil Framework

Let us help you upgrade your site to the latest and greatest generation of BigCommerce – the powerful Stencil framework. We are a BigCommerce Certified Partner with over a decade of experience producing, designing, and implementing conversion-optimized websites. Let our expertise work for you to build a site that sells.

Protocol Three is a Bigcommerce Certified Partner located in Portland, Oregon
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What is Stencil?

Stencil is the modern new framework for BigCommerce stores. Without getting too nerdy, Stencil improves site efficiency and speed, lowers development time, and lets you utilize BigCommerce to its greatest potential.

Theme development is done locally – meaning that the design and customizations for your theme won’t affect your live store until you’re ready to Preview and Activate the theme. This makes development faster – and safer – since the design work can be done without making changes to your live site.

Why Switch to Stencil?

It’s the Future
Already, more features are available to customers on Stencil-based themes, like the new optimized one-page checkout, Klarna payments, and Google AMP.

It’s Faster
Page speed can make all the difference for sales conversions and SEO. Stencil was built from the ground up for optimized page speed and load times.

More Customizable
The built-in theme customizer lets you easily change site colors, fonts, and styles with no coding. Developers can add even more features to the theme customizer, too.

More Flexible
Stencil makes your store more accessible through the use of the familiar Handlebar templating language, allowing developers to customize your store in ways never previously possible.

What’s Included


Localized Development Of Your Stencil Theme

We can design your Stencil-based theme to match the same look and feel of your current site, or we can do something entirely new.

Conversion of your Custom Scripts, Code, and Site Integrations

Established merchant store configurations often have many integrations/customizations that can make switching to a new theme challenging. We’ll carefully audit and implement them into any new Stencil theme.

Configuration for New Features

Stencil gives you access to the latest and upcoming BigCommerce features like Google AMP, Optimized One-Page Checkout, and more. We can ensure these new features are being fully utilized by your store.


Do More with These Extras:

+ Logo Design
+ Social Media Branding
+ Site Maintenance
+ Custom Integrations
+ Professional Marketing Services

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