Lets’ go back just 6 years to 2004, yes, the good old days.  George W. Bush is vying for another term, we’re knee deep in war in Iraq, financial institutions are giddily twiddling their thumbs, and a growing company known as Google is making explosive growth with products and buyouts that are evolving our public discourse in many ways – how we express ourselves, how we obtain our information, and how we interact socially.

Skip ahead to 2010 and you will now see that most Websites get anywhere between 60% – 90% from this Internet juggernaut and its Websites, along with using a development crayon box of Google online tools: Analytics, Website Optimizer, Gmail, Webmaster Tools, Google Apps, Google Maps, and more.  Businesses have wafted eagerly into Google’s growing cloud, hoping for the bright Mountain View sun to always shine through in the shape of the word “FREE”.

What used to be a skill, the repository of SEO knowledge about the subtle differences between optimizing for Google, Yahoo, and MSN – soon became rather homogeneous, where all basic good practices of optimizing in Google trickles down to the rest without much differentiation.

Today,  nobody discusses the geeky optimization differences between the “Big 3” search engines.  Instead, everyone wants Google, so why bother optimizing for anything else?  The face of search is changing as it always has, and the results haven’t been predictable.  For instance, before iPhone browsing, everyone thought Mobile Browsing was specialized and unique enough to warrant its own domain names (.MOBI).    Everyone thought “local” was going to be a huge boom, and to some extent it has, but probably not the same way everyone believed it would.

Today, strides in developing new technology have shown us more real-time results and dynamic results like travel prices, localized map locations, video, news, images, and more.

Observing the Internet intensely for a long period of time demonstrates that the most powerful ability to have in today’s marketing climate:  The ability to adapt – evolving with the times, leveraging new technologies, discovering new business possibilities.  There is no room for rigid beliefs or thinkin.

For those who are adaptable, money is a bottomless pit with abundant opportunities.  The cutting edge defies all traditional media, molding all communications into exciting new media where the new commercial marketing challenges businesses to create compelling and Interactive experiences for their visitors.

For those doing strictly SEO or just one facet of online marketing, you’re way past due to expand your skill base.  Start blogging if you don’t.  Run a PPC Campaign if you haven’t.  If you enjoy coding, learn to develop new applications.  Start e-mail marketing because I swear it works, and if you’re not running multivariate tests yet on your Website then get a Google Website Optimizer account and start yesterday.

You may be a great SEO, but it’s time to work on your Masters.