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My Beauty Mart

MyBeautyMart is a Nashville-based online retailer of popular, high-end beauty products including wigs, hair care, skin care, and styling tools.

  • BigCommerce Data Migration
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Platform: Bigcommerce

Industry: E-commerce, Retail – Health and Beauty

Partner Since: 2019

What We’ve Done:

Store Migration

  • Complete Data Migration to BigCommerce – Products, Options, Customers, and Orders.


MyBeautyMart came to us with a monumental challenge: to migrate their catalog of thousands of products, options, and custom pricing and SKU rules from their previous e-commerce platform, as well as migrate all of their customers and orders.

Using our custom-built software, we were able to “translate” all of their existing e-commerce store data into a massive BigCommerce data feed and migrate it into the store.

Since that time, we maintain an ongoing relationship with MyBeautyMart to assist them with BigCommerce management and maintenance as needed. We are proud to be a reliable partner for MyBeautyMart and their ongoing e-commerce needs!

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