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G&S Safety Products

G&S Safety Products provides industrial safety products for workplace safety equipment needs, backed with the experience and knowledge to provide the most effective products for job.

  • BigCommerce Theme Management and Maintenance
  • Custom Script Implementation
  • Content Publishing
  • SEO Consulting and Auditing
  • Google Adwords & Shopping Campaign Creation & Management
  • Ongoing Support
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Platform: BigCommerce

Industry: Online Retail – Business & Industrial

Partner Since: 2016

What We’ve Done:

BigCommerce Theme Customization

  • Site Feature & Script Integration
  • BigCommerce Stencil Theme Support

Online Marketing

  • Google AdWords Shopping Campaigns
  • SEO Auditing & Consulting

Maintenance & Management

  • Ongoing Support for Theme, Site Updates, and Digital Marketing Needs

G&S Safety Products is a long-time client who has trusted our expertise in Web development, BigCommerce, online marketing & retailing to help them to build an online presence that is both profitable and effective. Over the past five years, we’ve helped G&S maintain their status as a leading retailer of the top brands in the safety industry and help to manage and maintain their website when problems arise.

G&S takes advantage of our Flexible Hour program, which allows them to purchase time in advance and ask for service on-demand. This allows G&S to have a developer and marketing professional in their corner at all times without any sort of subscription or monthly fee – they simply pay for the time and ask for help when needed. They have the confidence that when a problem or situation arises, they can count on Protocol Three to apply a strong working knowledge of BigCommerce, web development, and online marketing to find a solution quickly and reliably.

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