A complete, no-nonsense proposal is delivered to our clients for every project. Our competitive base rate is $120/hour for website development and professional services. Based on past experiences, these are estimations of what you can expect.

Website Development (est. $3500 – $6500)

Our website development service is end-to-end, from conception to completion and installation on your own hosting account. We do the work and walk you through the entire process. Our completion timelines are approximately 4 – 6 weeks from the time we receive your content. (The estimated price assumes approximately 10 – 15 pages of content.)

Custom design & integrations may be additional depending on their complexity, and they are quoted up front at the same $120/hour rate.

E-commerce Development (est. $4000 – $9000)

Our website development service is end-to-end, from conception to completion. Timelines are approximately 6 – 8 weeks once we receive content and product information. Assuming your content is prepared for us with approximately 10 – 15 webpages and a catalog of approximately 100 – 200 products in a reasonably organized list.

When you contact us, we’ll work with you to outline the complete details of your project, determine the scope, and give you a detailed item estimate and final cost.

Customizations and Integrations are additional, and quoted at the same $120/hour rate.

Search Engine Optimization ($2400 for audit, $120/hr for implementation)

The initial audit for a typical site cost $2400. Contact us for more details.

Management / Maintenance / Professional Marketing Services ($120/hour)

We offer one low, cost, convenient option for management, maintenance, and professional services.

Flexible Hours – ($1200 for 10 hours or $2400 for 20 hours) Purchase a block of time in 10 or 20 hour increments that is used until expended. These hours do not expire and they are billed at our standard rate of $120/hour. If you have irregular demands, or you simply need someone in your corner who can function as a part-time equivalent to provide support to your website and staff with website management, development, marketing, and maintenance, this is the perfect option for you.

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