I hadn’t noticed this before and I’ve found very little online about it so far, here’s a blog post from about a month ago, but Google’s cooking up a new feature for Adwords I stumbled upon today for the first time:

Google Adwords Request A Call

This is similar to the click to call feature… but the exact opposite. Instead of calling from your mobile, you enter a phone number for them to call you back, skipping the site visit entirely.

Thinking this through from a customer standpoint, I’m swayed by Google Adwords ads as much as I am convinced by 140 character Tweets. Because of this I’m not sure why I would hand over my phone number and ask for a call before I have even looked at the company’s Website and read a little about them.

Then, on the receiving end, I imagine you pay each time someone enters a phone number into the field, regardless if they know what they’re requesting a call for, so you’d get all sorts of folks entering numbers and not having a clue what they’re requesting a call for. I have enough trouble already with improperly filled leads through my own Web site, where all of the information required is explained right on the form itself.

There are some useful ways this could be applied, if the Adwords price is right. For instance, when calls are requested, they receive an automated phone call basically verbally stating the pitch, and when the time is ripe you ask them to Push 1 (or Numero Uno) to speak with someone.

This could be particularly useful for special announcements, promotions, events, political campaigns, large scale fundraisers, locally-targeted promotions for services where a salesman could do a better job than a Website getting business.

Do you know anything else about this feature that it appears Google is beta testing?  Have you seen these ads pop up in the Google results?  Can you think of any more ways it could be useful for Advertisers?