Here is a running list of my favorite FireFox plugins. If you don’t have them, find them today! This a running list of my absolute favorites. If you have more, please feel free to comment below. I’ll continue to add the most useful ones to this list.

1) FireFTP – Easily hands-down the best FTP for FireFox, and easily my favorite FTP program. When working on the Web, I find it much easier to switch Tabs in the Browser than minimizing/maximizing various programs. My Windows bar gets cluttered enough. This puts FTP right into your browser with all of the basic functions for schlepping files around. Very stable and extremely useful.

2) Webmail Notifier – This program will check as many Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Daum and really any POP3 account you can throw at it. The program will notify you in the bottom corner of the browser or with an optional Browser sidebar. Very handy if you are running multiple Webmail e-mail accounts.

3) FireBug – I can’t tell you how many hours FireBug has saved me. This tool gives you everything you want to know when you want it: inspect page elements and their styles by running your mouse across a page, inspect load times, server headers, server responses on page elements, etc. You can change the page elements within FireBug and see the changes right on the page. Those are the features I’ve found most useful, but there’s a lot more this tool does, try it and see.

4) Cache Status – Instant cache and RAM dumper that sits in the bottom right of the Browser – in case you’re not seeing updates on pages you’re working on. Just right-click and select “Clear All Cache” and you’re good.

5) Rank Checker – I don’t like to spend a lot of time reading reports about search rankings, but for all of my Websites I keep a list of the most popular keyword phrases, or phrases from my Analytics I’m tracking for improvements. I’ll paste these into rank checker and it quickly tells you the Google, Yahoo, and Bing rankings as well as the ranking page.

6) SEO Quake – I won’t go into all of the features of this plugin, but when activated, it prints customized SEO data below the Search Results when performing a search. You can see the Page Rank, inbound links, and other important factors for each ranking page directly in the Google Search Results, giving you instant feedback on the relative competitiveness of a Keyword phrase. (And don’t why there is a very pregnant fox on the homepage, I really have no damn clue.)