While my 10 1/2 month Branded Adwords campaign experiment posted yesterday is a bust, there are numerous scenarios where a Brand campaign can perform better and/or justify the Ad spend.

Here are some cool ways to test your own Branded CPC Campaigns:

1) Teaching Adwords to Others

If you are training someone, have them start with a brand campaign. It’s a good way to teach Adwords / Adcenter without spending a lot of money.

2) Stop Traffic Leeches

Bid on your brand name when you don’t have the top Organic position in Google, or if you have competition leeching your traffic in Sponsored results. (For instance, they are selling or promoting your products.) I would recommend testing an ad with “Official Site” to distinguish you from the other Sponsored listings.

3) Instant Brand Promotions

Insert promotions and change ad copy on a regular basis. Especially useful if most of your revenue is generated in Searches for your Brand name.

4) Ultra-Targeted Description Copy

Maybe customers prefer to click on your ad about “free shipping” 3x as much as your ad promoting “doggie beds for sale”. A/B test various descriptions; the best performing ads will help determine the best META Description copy for your Organic Google results. Measure the CTRs of your Sponsored Ads and over time, pick out the elements of the best performing ads to draft a kick-ass description. (Don’t forget to make sure the description you draft has your most important organic keywords in it!)

5) Respond to & Discourage Users from Reading Negative Results

If you have rotten press about the brand in the Organic results, a sponsored result at the top of the Google results is a quick shot to either a) respond to bad press on a select landing page and/or b) push down the negative Search rankings about your brand below the fold. It’s also one more way to encourage more users to go to your site directly before getting that far down the list. Of course, you’ll want to use organic tactics to optimize Search results to push these negative results to the second page.

6) Get your Brand CTR

If you bid on EXACT terms for your brand, you can get a quick snapshot of the total CTR for the brand by doing this: Get Impressions from Adwords on these exact terms, then get the unique visits for both Organic and CPC. Combine the unique visits and divide them by number of impressions to get a CTR. To get the Impressions from Google Search *only* without including impressions on Google’s Partners, click the “Networks” tab at the Ad Group level and use the Impressions under “Google Search”.

(KW Organic Vists + KW CPC Visits)
————————————————- = CTR
Brand Keyword Impressions

Have any more cool ways to use Branded Keyword campaigns in Google Analytics? Leave your comments below!